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A new outlook on website design

 Website design – It’s now for everyone!

website design

Website design is in reach!

In today’s world, the need for a website is growing by the day.  Ranging from elaborate e-commerce sites for your business, to a simple 3 page site for yourself or even your dog!  As website design becomes more competitive and simplified, it is becoming more affordable for the average Joe to have a website designed and published while still having a professional look and feel.  This can be of huge value as one can use a website to better your service, product or career!

 website design

What type of website can I have designed you ask?

Here are a few examples of what your own website can do for you:

  • I am a part time freelance photographer and am reasonably busy on weekends but don’t have enough time to promote my photography career due to the fact that I’m stuck with my old day job!  I scrape together a couple of bucks and order myself a blog site where I can easily exhibit my photography work and at the same time promote my services to the country.  Suddenly, before you know what’s happened, you are getting requests for your services left right and center!  Soon you cannot fit all the work into weeknights and weekends and decide to go expand your passion to full time.  Website design helped me!
  • I am a young want-to-be socialite hoping to become successful in the next couple of years.  It seems like all my friends are trying to do the same thing as me.  It seems so difficult to get into the spotlight!  I have decided that I’m going to get my dad to have a website designed for me.  I am now so over only being on normal social media sites like all my friends! It is so easy to upload posts and pictures on my personal site!  I love website design!
  • I am a small business owner that sells hand crafted ornaments.  I sell just enough work in a month to get by.  I have handed out a lot of flyers and have put my ad in the paper but still struggle to keep ahead.  I have decided to go ahead and have a website deigned for my business.  Since my niche market is not very saturated, a little basic SEO is all my assigned website design company needed to apply to my website for it to appear in the top five search engine results! I have subsequently doubled my turnover!  I never though simple website design could make such a difference!
  • I am currently unemployed and can’t seem to get any results from handing my CV at various companies.  I have a lot to offer and have a lot of experience but it doesn’t seem like anyone is noticing!  I have decided to get a website designed for myself which has all the information that a potential employer might want to see about me.  I now have an edge into the market over other candidates.  I suddenly find myself in the position where I am able to pick and choose where I want to work!  Website design is a necessity…

Website design and SEO

seoHaving your site rank high on a search engine site through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) during website design or after website design is everything in today’s online world.  There are many companies that can take your existing site and optimize it for search engine sites.  This is a powerful way to gain a huge advantage over your opposition!  When a word or phrase is typed into the search engine site, people rarely look down past the 9th or 10th result.  If your site is listed further down than that, it can really do with some optimization!  Brows the Website Design and the SEO category in our directory to find website design companies to optimize your website today!

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A new outlook on website design

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