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Making money and web design

 Money and web design

Many of us has come to the wonderful realization that in this tech driven, online day and age, there is a ton of money to be made on the internet.  If you haven’t realized that yet however, let me tell you THERE IS!  The internet is one of the biggest money spinners in the world right now.  There are millions of people out there raking in the dough by creating websites, blogs, online businesses, online stores and the list is endless.


And what makes this even more attractive is the fact that creating and running these online money maker machines is not all that hard.  You don’t need to have a degree in web design, you don’t need to be a professional writer, and you don’t need to be a businessman to make successful online income.  There is loads of free online content which can guide you through the basics of online money making.  A popular and ever growing means of a simple online income is a blogging site.  All you need to do is build or buy a basic website, come up with some decently written posts that will attract readers and place some PPC (pay-per-click) ads in the middle of your posts.  All this really requires is some good creative writing and basic PC skills.  In fact, this is exactly what I am doing in this very post.  Another great thing about online business or blogging is that it is possible to run an income generating site while staying committed to your day job as the internet does not go to bed!



Many bloggers have been able to come up with interesting content for their blog sites which have attracted thousands and some cases millions of readers who come back again and again to read any new posts.  These readers are basically the bread and butter for a blogger.  The more people read an article which has an ad in it, the more people click on the ad, and thus the more money the site generates for its owner!  It’s really all about how many people you can get to visit your site.


That is in essence the gist of web design though.  Online money making has such huge potential because you can appeal to such a huge and almost unlimited amount of people.  It’s really simple, the more visitors you can get to your site, the more money you could make!


The thing that put a lot of people off pursuing an online income is building a website.  One has to have a platform for generating funds online.  The great thing is that it is really not that difficult!  It is intimidating when you start hearing about hosting, domains, servers and IP addresses.  The truth is that one really doesn’t have to know all about that stuff to be able to build a basic website now days.  Sites such as make the whole hosting thing a breeze.

 Web design made easy thanks to CMS

Drupal CMS - Web designThanks to new CMS (Content Management Systems) such as Drupal and WordPress, the actual web design of the website couldn’t be easier!  Gone are the days that you need to be a master programmer in HTML and CSS to be able to build a webpage.  With CMS, it’s a piece of cake to build a website.  Best thing is it’s free!  There is an endless selection of free templates to choose from for your site.  And if you’d like something Wordpress CMS - Web designoriginal, there are also some special themes which are fully customizable to suite your design ideas or brand.  Another huge advantage of CMS is that it makes it really easy to add content and pictures to your site.  With millions of third party CMS plugins available, it is easy to make your site look, feel and work like a professionally designed site.  On the other hand of course, if this all still feels a little intimidating, there are many keen web designers who can slap together a basic site for a bargain.


Web design and SEO

The next step in successful online money making is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Search engines like Google and Bing are largely responsible for the success of most money making sites out there.  Search engines basically lead people with money to spend to your site.  Chances are almost zero for a potential buyer or clicker to type your site’s address in the address bar and going directly to your site.  A more likely situation is that the potential buyer or clicker will type a word which is somehow associated with your site into a search engine and clicking on your site as one of the top results for the search.  This is what you need to always consider when building and adding content to your site.  You need to keep Google happy, as Google’s happiness with your site could determine how much money you make.  There are many tricks that may improve your ability to keep Google happy but these are usually seen as a way of tricking Google into thinking it’s happy with your site and if realized or found out, will be harshly penalized in site rank.  The best form of SEO is to simply do whatever it takes to satisfy your readers of visitors.  This will get noticed by the search engines and if you keep your site fresh, healthy and interesting, you will pick the fruits.


One thing to note on this subject however, this is a HUGE market and there really are millions of people trying to do exactly what you will be trying should you delve into an online career.  So in other words, no matter how good and easy this all sounds, you will have to gain an edge over many other competitors in most cases to become successful.  A big tip is that when you try for online success and you fail, that you shouldn’t quit or give up.  The only way to true online success is through perseverance and commitment.  The most successful online businessmen did not fall into their success but worked hard for it!

Find IT Services’ own Sevices!

Find IT Services | Website Design and Hosting now available


FindITServices’ own IT Services are here…

Here at FindITServices, we want to provide you with as much as possible.  We firmly believe in good old fashioned customer satisfaction.  This is why we are now offering our very own IT services for our users.

We would like FindITServices to be a one stop site for all your It needs.  If you don’t find what you are looking for in our extensive directory, we may be able to provide you with that service ourselves!

We use the most modern methodology for website design which includes the very popular and search engine friendly CMS system.  This system allows the client to keep his site up to date with their latest photos, posts and content.  A great benifit to using a CMS based site is the reduced fees linked to maintaining a traditional site as just about nothing can be done by the client in terms of maintenance and updating.

Superior Website Design Offering

Come see our website design packages | Find IT ServicesWe also boast really low rates for website design.  This is aimed at increasing the reach-ability of owning your own website to the average person.  At the end of the day, if website design is more affordable, more people will own websites and the online community will flourish and start to multiply.  This would be to every online enthusiast’s benefit as it would lock down our future online prosperity and well being.

 We offer Find IT Hosting too!

We also offer hosting | Find IT Hosting!

The hosting service we are busy putting together is also of world class.  We will be using trusted international hosting servers for high performance and reliability, offering 99% up-time guaranteed!  We will be offering multiple plans suitable to the needs of site owners ranging from the very beginner blogger to the full blown online business owner.


Bottom line here is this: thanks to low prices, tailored packages and ease of use, owning your very own website is now right at your doorstep…  All that you need to do is imagine how you could benefit, take the opportunity and make it yours!

IT Solutions are useful for your business

Why IT solutions are needed?

it Solutions

If you have your own objectives when setting up your business, you should look for suitable IT solutions that will help propel your business to success as well as achieving your main objectives. You have to take note that there are different aspects that you need for your business. It includes the lowering down of production costs, downsizing the production, increasing profit margins, human resources and many more. IT solutions are greatly needed in order to handle the various problems that you are facing. Once you have to right IT solutions, the problems should be dealt with immediately in order to improve the status as well as the productivity of your business.

IT solutions for business improvement

it Solutions 1Problems centred on the production or productivity should be addressed with a business improvement arrangement. These IT solutions are readily available depending on the size and the scope of your business. Both of you work hand in hand when it comes to the operations. Initially, these IT solutions handle situations that are related to what could possibly be done and what could probably be amended in your business enterprise. Take note that IT solutions can handle a variety of concerns. Typically, it includes the measurement of the margin or profit and provides you with useful information. You will acquire fresh guidelines on how to run your business in the future as well as providing concrete positive solutions. The range of IT solutions that you can benefit from include – development and maintenance of software, data processing, website development and maintenance, network support, BPO services and hardware maintenance. The different solutions have various advantages for your business. With the IT solutions, you can implement the ideal practices for your business as well as for expansion plans in the future and creating the appropriate budget.

Outsourcing IT solutions

If IT support is outsourced, it can produce a variety of opinions, both desirable and undesirable. For those who consider outsourcing as undesirable due to the costs involved as well as the low quality output, take note that there is a lot of primary support available that is cheap. You should not hire an entire IT solutions team to run all your operations. Take note that there are many things that are best managed with the outsourced IT solutions. It can help in lowering down costs as well as save a lot of money in the long run. There are a lot of choices when it comes to outsourcing and you can bargain your way to get the best deal. Overall, if you are considering getting the best IT solutions for your business, you have to plan out and think things over carefully so that you will address compatibility issues as well as the nature of your business. You can choose to get an entire IT team or opt for outsourcing on some aspects. The decision is up to you, as long as you fully understand the nature of your business, getting the right IT solutions either a complete team or outsourced is not a hassle anymore.

Do You Need IT Services?

IT Services

IT Services Are A Part Of Our Lives

In today’s world we make so much use of IT Services that it’s hard to imagine a life without it. There are so many different IT Services available and with the wonderful world of the internet, it’s even quite easy to find the exact IT Services that you might require. It doesn’t matter in which industry you work in, or in which part of the world you live in, there is bound to be some form of IT in your life. Perhaps you only ever come into contact with IT when you read your emails on your home Personal Computer. There will be a time, somewhere in your life, when you will make use of IT Services.

A Look At Some IT Services

IT ServicesIT Services can range from basic technical support and service and go right up to website designers who specialize in creating and designing websites to fulfill a multitude of functions. Another IT Service is a database administrator, who is responsible for taking care of a large database within a company or for another company. IT Services can also be the development of programs or applications, which are built to make a task easier and more cost effective by saving time – which is money. There is also an “unseen” support system in the form of a help desk. There are call-centers within various companies who have dedicated agents who are able to offer IT Services and support on the phone to the public as part of that companies’ customer service. A few more types of IT Services are companies who specialize in setting up networks and doing system configurations. The loading of operating systems and network security administrators are also IT Services.

Help me get rid of redirect virus

Making Use of IT Services

Nowadays there are many people who are extremely tech-savvy and know how to do most of their own IT Services for themselves. There are, however, still many people out there who are simply “users” and who still need the expertise of IT Services. Sometimes it’s just getting the “IT Guy” of the company to come and fix the receptionists PC which is going hay-wire. Other times a web designer is employed specifically to create and maintain a company’s website and/or intranet. In some instances people make use of IT Services to resolve a problem in their systems or to improve the functionality of their business. IT Services can also be used on a very small scale, for instance, when a house-wife cannot connect to the internet and needs to call out her IT Service Provider to come and resolve the problem. The truth of the matter is that our world has become largely dependent on IT Services and it has become quite surprising when we still come across people who do not make use of IT Services in some way or another. You will never make a mistake by offering an easily-accessible and user-friendly platform to find some of these IT Services.

Welcome to Omni Africa for IT Solutions

About Us

We are a 100% black owned company which provides quality IT solutions. Its experience are not based on its BEE position but on its popularity in self shipping.
Omni Africa was established in 1995 with its secret headquarters in Southern region Africa and divisions in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
We are a major wholesaler / retailer of labeled technical components, side-line equipment, software and general IT Solutions to companies in the Southern part of Africa, and enjoy the popularity of being efficient and aggressive company associate to company in the sections of the market we service

Who we are and how we deliver IT Solutions

We are a major wholesaler / retailer of labeled technical components, side-line devices, software and IT Solutions to companies in the Southern part of Africa and relish the popularity of being efficient and aggressive company associate to company in the sections of the market we service

•    We believe that the client is master and should never move alone
•    We are moral and believe in reliability, reliability, loyalty and truthfulness throughout all our transactions.
•    We regard every person and condemn all types of elegance or favoritism
•    We try to see difficulties and make possibilities in circumstances where other people may be experiencing problems and constraints related to IT Solutions


Our Vision regarding It Solutions

  • To be identified as the provider of option of all IT Solutions in the places we serve
  • To add actual, considerable value to our clients’ company by providing huge discounts and fantastic shipping and after revenue service
  • To create and maintain mutually fulfilling long- phrase connections with our customers.

Our Affiliates

IT Solutions

Are There Still IT Jobs Out There?

It Jobs

IT Jobs In The Past

Not too long ago, every Tom, Dick and Harry were off to study IT, because the IT world had just exploded to extraordinary proportions. In the IT service industry there were so many IT jobs available that it was probably the wisest choice of things to study. It seemed like every single young guy was either studying IT or already had an IT job. This is how is went on for quite a few years. Computers started to infiltrate our entire existence as we knew and, and before we knew it, we could hardly remember a time where there were no computers.


Will IT Jobs Always Be Available?It jobsinsouthafrica

There was a time when it seemed as though there were suddenly too many IT technicians and qualified guys out there, but no longer enough IT jobs. It could be assumed that for some time the industry became saturated and IT jobs slightly overrated. Even though the industry has continued to grow as each year goes by, there was definitely a time where IT jobs were not quite as readily available as they were when computers started to take their place in our world. For some, this was rather alarming and sad, as many youngsters has spent a lot of money getting their qualifications, only to find that it had become rather challenging to find a job in It


A Broader Scope In IT Jobs

Just as technology has evolved, so has the scope of IT – and IT Jobs – in general. Thankfully this has caused the market in IT services to expand. Now you aren’t merely looking at a job as an IT technician, but there is web development, programming, database administration, web design and many more. IT Services has possibly become the largest industry in the world today.

What Would The World Be Today Without Website Design?

We Really Can’t Be Without Website Design

basic website designIf you know anything about what is going on around you today in the twenty first century, then you’ll know that just about anything you need to know can be searched and found on the internet. The internet consists of millions and millions of web pages. Without people knowing how to create these sometimes very simple, and other times very complex web pages, the internet would mean nothing. Website design has become such a huge part of our lives and we don’t even realize it sometimes.


It Doesn’t Take Much To Learn Basic Website Design

Web DesignNowadays you can do a bit of research on the internet where you can learn how to do your very own, basic website design. If you really want to learn how to do more complex and effective website design, then there are many courses available at different rates. Again – all you need to do is a bit of research on the internet.


Website Design Is Not Only For Artists

On the contrary, website design can be done by anyone who is interested in designing, anyone who knows a bit about IT, or if you have your own company. You can create your very own website by using a few of the basic methods required. It would of course help if you have some background knowledge in IT or anything related to it. The great thing is that because it is such a widely used tool today, there are many more resources available to teach you website design.

A new outlook on website design

 Website design – It’s now for everyone!

website design

Website design is in reach!

In today’s world, the need for a website is growing by the day.  Ranging from elaborate e-commerce sites for your business, to a simple 3 page site for yourself or even your dog!  As website design becomes more competitive and simplified, it is becoming more affordable for the average Joe to have a website designed and published while still having a professional look and feel.  This can be of huge value as one can use a website to better your service, product or career!

 website design

What type of website can I have designed you ask?

Here are a few examples of what your own website can do for you:

  • I am a part time freelance photographer and am reasonably busy on weekends but don’t have enough time to promote my photography career due to the fact that I’m stuck with my old day job!  I scrape together a couple of bucks and order myself a blog site where I can easily exhibit my photography work and at the same time promote my services to the country.  Suddenly, before you know what’s happened, you are getting requests for your services left right and center!  Soon you cannot fit all the work into weeknights and weekends and decide to go expand your passion to full time.  Website design helped me!
  • I am a young want-to-be socialite hoping to become successful in the next couple of years.  It seems like all my friends are trying to do the same thing as me.  It seems so difficult to get into the spotlight!  I have decided that I’m going to get my dad to have a website designed for me.  I am now so over only being on normal social media sites like all my friends! It is so easy to upload posts and pictures on my personal site!  I love website design!
  • I am a small business owner that sells hand crafted ornaments.  I sell just enough work in a month to get by.  I have handed out a lot of flyers and have put my ad in the paper but still struggle to keep ahead.  I have decided to go ahead and have a website deigned for my business.  Since my niche market is not very saturated, a little basic SEO is all my assigned website design company needed to apply to my website for it to appear in the top five search engine results! I have subsequently doubled my turnover!  I never though simple website design could make such a difference!
  • I am currently unemployed and can’t seem to get any results from handing my CV at various companies.  I have a lot to offer and have a lot of experience but it doesn’t seem like anyone is noticing!  I have decided to get a website designed for myself which has all the information that a potential employer might want to see about me.  I now have an edge into the market over other candidates.  I suddenly find myself in the position where I am able to pick and choose where I want to work!  Website design is a necessity…

Website design and SEO

seoHaving your site rank high on a search engine site through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) during website design or after website design is everything in today’s online world.  There are many companies that can take your existing site and optimize it for search engine sites.  This is a powerful way to gain a huge advantage over your opposition!  When a word or phrase is typed into the search engine site, people rarely look down past the 9th or 10th result.  If your site is listed further down than that, it can really do with some optimization!  Brows the Website Design and the SEO category in our directory to find website design companies to optimize your website today!